Creations by artist:   Linda David
Where art is ingrained in wood.
Intarsia, Inlay, Fret, and Segmented
Scrollsaw Designs

Artistic Gallery Creations For Someone Special

  1. Monarch Butterfly
    Monarch Butterfly
    Sculpture is made by handcutting and painting each piece of wood to make the butterflies. Mounted on bamboo, with a heavy flagstone base. 10-1/4" tall perfect display piece $95
  2. Scenic Ride
    Scenic Ride
    Motorcycle riding with a great road ahead. Perfect for the person who wants more time on their machine. All natural woods featured in this Intarsia that is 20"hX16-1/2"w $720
  3. Classic Ford Truck
    Classic Ford Truck
    1940 style pickup truck embodied Intarsia style shaping, some natural and some stained woods. This classy beauty measures 7"hX13-1/2"w $265
  4. Leopard Drinking
    Leopard Drinking
    Do you see the leopard and his reflection in the water? This fretwork style image was created from a sold piece of birch and beautifully framed for an overall size of 14-1/2"hX12-1/4"w $410
  1. Let's Play!
    Let's Play!
    Again all natural woods make the art unique. This playful piece is 10"hx27"w. It was created for a gallery show with the theme "Unlikely Friends". $190
  2. Bear in Tree
    Bear in Tree
    Adorable bear clinging to tree, all natural wood intarsia. (green background not included) 18"hX9-1/2"w $125
  3. Wolf Family Clock
    Wolf Family Clock
    Solid dark walnut fretwork design mounted on a slice of maple make this a very unique clock display. 16-1/4"hX10"w. $120
  4. Golfer's Choice
    Golfer's Choice
    Intarsia style natural woods enhance this golfer's decorative delight. 12"hX9-1/4"w. $175
  1. Great White
    Great White
    Great white egret segmentation art with natural as well as colorwashed woods. Elegant accent piece. 29"hX14"w $240
  2. Dolphin Fun
    Dolphin Fun
    Great for the ocean life lover! This Intarsia piece is made guessed it...all natural wood. 12-1/4"hX13-3/4"w $110
  3. Rainforest Parrot
    Rainforest Parrot
    3-D Intarsia made from a variety of natural domestic and exotic woods. There is no true ble wood in nature though, so the blue is colorwashed. 29-1/2"hX24"w $615
  4. Egret in Grass
    Egret in Grass
    Intarsia design with a flourish of dried florist greens as a natural backdrop. 30"hx14"w $145
  1. Loving Parrots
    Loving Parrots
    Intarsia style creation with all natural woods and dried florist greens as a lush background for this pair. 20"hX12"w $145
  2. Eagle Spirit
    Eagle Spirit
    This small but powerful piece features the Native American made from Baltic Birch wood, the eagle spirit from copper, and the wood is natural Mahogany. 11"hx4.25"w $75
  3. Crucifix
    Traditional crucifix, respectfully created using natural woods with meticulous attention to detail in contours. 31"hX21-1/2"w $310
  4. Perched Macaw
    Perched Macaw
    This bright blue and gold macaw is a wood , each piece is handpainted for this segmentation style art. Mounted on natural wood it looks spectacular. 40"hx10"w $190
  1. Bobcat Closeup Sculpture
    Bobcat Closeup Sculpture
    Solid maple wood is the ideal medium for this bobcat fretwork sculpture. It is mounted on polished granite to make it a beautiful display piece. 5-1/2"hX5"w $80
  2. Ocean's Breeze Sailboats
    Ocean's Breeze Sailboats
    All natural woods are crafted together to create this stunning 3-D sailboat piece. Intarsia style using domestic and exotic import woods. 16-1/2"hX14"w $310
  3. Schooner
    3-D schooner Intarsia is so realistic. All natural woods make this piece that much more special. Even the satinwood sun is it's natural yellow. 14"hX21"w $335
  4. Bobcat Sculpture
    Bobcat Sculpture
    Bobcat sculpture cut from natural maple and mounted on granite base for beautiful shelf display. Fretwork style design. 9"hX5"w $97