Creations by artist:   Linda David
Where art is ingrained in wood.
Intarsia, Inlay, Fret, and Segmented
Scrollsaw Designs

(What unique creation do you have in mind to feature here?)

One of a kind 'segmented wood relief' style

Tako the cute puppy was a great model!

T.N. ordered this custom piece.  Tako the dog was the inspiration.  Working from his photo, artwork was created and then the process began.  Progresssion photos of the process show how it was done.  Finished 1/2020
  1. Siberian Cat
    Siberian Cat
    Segmented wood relief done for T.N. 1/2020
  2. Vintage Corvette
    Vintage Corvette
    Natural and color enhanced intarsia created from photos provided by enthusiast B.K. 12/19
  3. Honda Dirt Bike
    Honda Dirt Bike
    Exotic African Padauk wood used for this fretwork creation for E.N. 12/19
  4. Tiger Growl
    Tiger Growl
    Eye catching segmented wood relief with natural and color washed wood. Custom made for E.N. 12/19
  5. Sweety the Dog
    Sweety the Dog
    This pet's photo was used to capture his loving essence. Done in true intarsia style, 100% natural woods. Thank you Sam! 12/19
  6. Pink Penguin Yard Art
    Pink Penguin Yard Art
    Christmas yard decor penguin made from wood and hand painted. The cheerful pink color and breast cancer ribbon are a tribute to a husband's loving optimism for his wife's triumph. For Barry 12/19.
  7. Chick-fil-a Cow Tower
    Chick-fil-a Cow Tower
    Cows sitting on top of each other's shoulders were the request for this drive-thru Christmas decor. Cut from wood, hand painted, and nearly 10 feet tall! Eat more Chick-fil-a!!! 12/19
  8. Arizona Puzzles
    Arizona Puzzles
    Custom line created for an awesome store in Scottsdale Arizona, and very fun to visit. These and more went into inventory at the store in November 2019.


You start by creating a design, or use a published pattern, and then customize it to fit your unique tastes.  Different woods give a variety of looks as well as shaping techniques for the multi-dimensional effect.  Every artist creates in their special style.


Images as well as word can be fret cut into wood.  A design is chosen along with the wood.  Then the process begins.  The design is cut from one piece of wood, completely through to the other side.